Wibu-Systems’ Technology Protects and Licenses MVTec’ Machine Vision Applications


CodeMeter serves new audiences with innovative monetization opportunities and educational licenses

MVTec has integrated CodeMeter into their complete range of machine vision software: a perfect match in versatility for developers and students

Wibu-Systems, a security technology leader in the global software licensing market, has assisted MVTec, a vanguard developer of software for machine vision solutions used in a variety of industrial applications, extending the reach of its CodeMeter software protection and licensing platform into MVTec’s product portfolio. The flexible CodeMeter licensing system also enables MVTec to facilitate licensing in the educational market, making the process for creating and distributing time-limited student licenses easier to control and manage via self-service web portals.

Image processing and machine vision technologies have become a crucial element in the automated environments of Industry 4.0. MVTec’s HALCON and MERLIC software products enable users to build sophisticated machine vision solutions across multiple applications, ranging from PCB, semiconductor, and process testing to robot positioning and alignment, surface monitoring, quality assurance, print quality checks, ID screening, and much more. Because of the diverse nature of these applications, any licensing solution used by MVTec requires support for a comprehensive range of architectures, operating systems, and industrial environments. In addition to versatility and agility, MVTec needed a technology that would protect their invaluable intellectual property.

MVTec first integrated CodeMeter into MERLIC, an all-in-one software product that provides powerful tools to design and build complete machine vision applications without manual programming. With CodeMeter, MVTec employed customized and branded hardware secure elements (CmDongles) and software-based licenses (CmActLicenses) to protect the know-how associated with their digital assets. The licenses for MERLIC are created, delivered, and managed via CodeMeter License Central. The end users then activate them via a web portal, WebDepot, and store them either in the physical CmDongle or the secure CmActLicense file bound to the fingerprint of their machine. Most recently, MVTec also chose to adopt the CodeMeter technology for HALCON, their standard software product for machine vision applications, combining software licenses with a dongle as a proof of identity.

With both products utilizing CodeMeter, MVTec now has a comprehensive licensing and IP protection solution that covers the entire HALCON and MERLIC product range with the flexibility and uniformity required to protect the software and to distribute and manage licenses across all their markets.

Christoph Zierl, Technical Director of MVTec, commented: “CodeMeter enabled us to respond to the many and complex needs of our users. MERLIC and HALCON are used in various shapes and forms, and so far, CodeMeter has mastered all requirements and challenges we have thrown at it. Choosing CodeMeter means choosing a mature ecosystem for protecting our company’s intellectual property. With Wibu-Systems, we found a partner who meets us on eye-level and offers us everything in one single technology, from our dongles to license management in the cloud.”

CodeMeter licensing dynamic approach also allowed MVTec to expedite user-friendly access to educational licenses. Batches of these licenses can be acquired by educational institutions and managed by designated administrators through the use of Wibu-Systems’ three educational portals: One for MVTec to manage the participating educational institutions and educators; one for the designated administrators to coordinate their student licenses; and a third portal for students to activate their licenses – putting cutting-edge technology in the hands of their future users without compromising security. This streamlined process keeps MVTec in full control, while making the creation and distribution of time-limited student licenses far easier.

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales of Wibu-Systems, added: “It is gratifying to see how our technologies have evolved over the years and been reimagined to meet the challenges in the industrial sector. This goes particularly for MVTec, who is leading the way with advances in the most modern machine vision applications. With CodeMeter, they know their IP is safe, and they have the licensing versatility that will enable them to tap into new markets.”

About MVTec Software

MVTec is a leading manufacturer of standard software for machine vision. MVTec products are used in all demanding areas of imaging: Semi-conductor industry, web inspection, quality control and inspection applications in general, medicine, 3D vision, and surveillance.

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