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AxProtector exposed - Integrity protection
of a modular application


Convenience is the natural enemy of security. How to calibrate the two factors? Who is involved in the process? What is the optimal ratio for your specific scenario? Let’s discover this critical aspect together.

Pretty frequently, protection and licensing of a complete software modular application are handled via a central component (“license.dll”). This is especially true for articulated applications, consisting of several modules (.exe and .dll). In this case, the emphasis is usually on ease, convenience and cost containment for the whole process. The downside though is in terms of security: the hacker will also commonly have an easy way in his attempt to bypass protection and licensing: He will just have to replace the central license.dll with his own implementation. On the other side, the security maniacs will care of all the details, oftentimes missing the scope of application performance and cost sustainability.

AxProtector, the core engine of CodeMeter, shows that convenience and security are not fully incompatible.

  • AxProtector protects all that is required: each module (.exe or .dll) that needs copy protection from IP infringements and individual licensing is encrypted, so that the central license.dll is no longer called for
  • AxProtector is attentive to the economy of your enterprise: it is fully automatized

But AxProtector can do even more. It does ensure the integrity of the complete application. Each .dll can be loaded only from the designated application. The intrusion of a foreign .dll in your application is just as impossible as the misuse of your .dll in a foreign product. And even the individual modules are protected with a self-check against manipulation.

During this one-hour webinar we will explore the following main topics:

  • Requirements of integrity protection
  • Analysis of the preventive aspects
  • The chicken and egg problem in verification: .exe or .dll
  • Detection and response to tampering
  • Basics of asymmetric cryptography
  • Hardware vs Software based protection
  • Live demonstration of AxProtector: what it performs automatically and what you should be attentive to

No need to sacrifice or compromise: Convenience and security can definitely be best friends. It’s just a matter of accurate balance.