Embedded World 2019

2019-02-26 - 2019-02-28
Nuremberg, Germany

Just as Embedded World remains the most iconic event for Europe’s embedded community, covering the many different facets of the current digital transformation, including security for electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things, e-mobility and energy efficiency, Wibu-Systems is also maintaining its global leadership stronghold in secure license management and protection of software, firmware, and data with its ever evolving CodeMeter technology.

This year, you will have several spots where you can meet and interact with our crew, get the latest information about our technology, and see our hardware lineup first hand:

  • Wibu-Systems’ official exhibit: Hall 4, booth 360 
    At our own main space, we will be talking extensively about IP protection as a way to prevent attempts at pirating or reverse engineering your crucial code and to ultimately ensure the lasting commercial success for your company. We will also be sharing several case studies where IP protection was skillfully integrated into modern business models to multiply revenue streams.
    Visitors of the show will also appreciate the latest functionalities introduced with CodeMeter 6.80, from the direct support for Universal Write Filter (UWF) and CmActLicenses with Linux ARM systems without the use of any CodeMeter extension to a console application to query the state of licenses in the LAN.
    Additionally, Wibu-Systems‘ guests will be introduced to the first release of CodeMeter Certificate Vault, our first proprietary certificate management tool meant at bridging the protection and authentication worlds; this PKCS#11 compliant token provider is designed to work perfectly with Microsoft’s Cryptographic API Next Generation (CNG) or OpenSSL API and make it easier for users to administer the security of identities, digital signatures, emails, or VPNs with strong authentication mechanisms.
  • OSADL collective exhibit: Hall 4, booth 168 
    Wibu-Systems affiliated with OSADL, the Open Source Automation Development Lab, with a twofold goal: Helping to monetize digital know-how and raising the quality of our code. At Embedded World, we are joining forces to provide our combined expertise and services to the entire OSADL community.
  • SD Association collective exhibit: Hall 3A, booth 524
    Together with ATP, Delkin, GRL, Hagiwara, JMicron, Micron, Phison, Swissbit, Toshiba, and WD, Wibu-Systems will present its hardware secure elements based on the SD Association’s specifications, namely CmCard/SD and CmCard/microSD. For the entire event, Tuesday through Thursday, 2.00 to 2.30 pm, Guenther Fischer, our Senior Consultant, Licensing and Protection, will be holding the in-booth seminar Enabling new business models with industrial grade CmCards and CodeMeter security. He will elaborate on how CodeMeter secure memory cards couple industrial-grade flash memory with a hardware secure element to provide intelligent device manufacturers with software IP protection, cyber security features, and monetization capabilities through software licensing, made for use in any device equipped with an SD card slot and suited for both brownfield and greenfield applications.
  • Trusted Computing Group exhibit: Hall 3A, booth 528
    TCG member companies OnBoard Security, Wibu-Systems, and Wind River will demonstrate solutions for IoT and embedded security, based on TCG specifications and technologies with a root of trust, during exhibitor hours. On Feb. 26th and 27th, 11 am to 1 pm, our specialists will explain how to manage licenses with CodeMeter using Trusted Platform Modules as alternative safe repositories for encrypted code keys.
  • Wind River exhibit: Hall 4A, booth 320
    As our cooperation continues to morph and evolve over the years, Wibu-Systems and Wind River keep offering a comprehensive turnkey solution for VxWorks that encompasses integrity protection, authenticity, IP and copy protection, certificate management, license and entitlement management, and hardware, software, and cloud-based key storage.

On Feb 28th, 3.30 pm to 4 pm, you can also show up at NCC East for Guenther Fischer lecture Security and Licensing for IoT Devices (Session 4.4 II: Securing IoT II), in which he will be sharing his insights on associating Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) like TCG TPM and Intel’s SGX technology with CodeMeter. Intel SGX is an architectural extension used to level up the protection for software code and data against illicit access or manipulation. Software developers using the Intel SGX development kit can keep their binaries in special regions of the memory, so-called enclaves, where they are shielded for execution. The instruction sets are supported by the sixth, seventh, and eighth generations of Intel Core™ and Intel Xeon® E3 processors. Intel SGX creates enclaves to store binary code in encrypted form in Random Access Memory (RAM). By linking these enclaves with CodeMeter, software developers can benefit not only from the power of the hidden RAM enclaves to keep their sensitive data, but also from a special binding extension enclave, a secure memory region on their devices. This enables them to stop their code from being debugged or tampered with in the memory and to give the memory itself solid protection.

The untrammeled explosion of the amount of data moving between cyber-physical systems is exposing industrial facilities, entire workforces, and vendors to unprecedented risks and cyber-attacks that have the potential to destabilize public transportation, telecommunications, and businesses everywhere with frightening frequency. Join us at Embedded World to learn about pragmatic approaches and tangible results you can easily emulate by adopting our holistic vision and multi-purpose technology.



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