Embedded World 2018

2018-02-27 - 2018-03-01
Nuremberg, Germany

Just as Embedded World remains the leading international fair for embedded systems covering the many different facets of the current digital transformation, including security for electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things, e-mobility, and energy efficiency, Wibu-Systems is also maintaining its global leadership stronghold in secure license management and protection of software, firmware, and data with its ever evolving CodeMeter technology.

This year, you’ll have three spots where you can meet and interact with our crew:

  • Wibu-Systems’ official exhibit: Hall 4, booth 360
    • The new form factor CmStick/BMC introduced last year is getting so many positive accolades that we decided to have a variant with the same elegant and robust design, but without flash memory; samples of this all-new CmStick/B are immediately available.
    • The new version 2.1 of CodeMeter Embedded has just been released and now comes with several unique features:
      • Universal Firm Code licenses contained in CmDongles or CmActLicenses can be created, updated, or deleted remotely via CodeMeter License Central, CmBoxPgm, and High-Level Programming API (HIP).
      • Encrypted communication between CmDongles and CodeMeter Embedded is now available and activated by default.
      • The manual has been completely revised and support for CmStick/BMC added.
      • The package structure of CodeMeter Embedded has been streamlined: The new standard is one static library with the complete functionality for each combination of supported operating systems and architectures. However, the source code is still available on request.
  • OSADL collective exhibit: Hall 4, booth 168
    • As announced last November, Wibu-Systems is now a bronze member of OSADL, the Open Source Automation Development Lab. With our twofold goal of helping to monetize the know-how of the entire OSADL community and raising the quality of our own code, the strengths of CodeMeter in protection, licensing, and security are now being tested with OSADL Real Time Linux in their Realtime QA Farm.
  • OpenSystems Media: Hall 3A, booth 507
    • OpenSystems Media is hosting Trusted Computing Group members in its exhibit. Wibu-Systems and Winbond will show how to protect IoT and embedded devices and data using several TCG specifications implemented for security. Our specialists will explain how to manage licenses with CodeMeter using Trusted Platform Modules as alternative safe repositories for encrypted code keys.

Additionally, the following partners will have our solutions on display:

  • Infineon Technologies (3A-231): As the company focuses on smart connectivity and their Security Partner Network as the key to unleashing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, they will show the complete lineup of our hardware solutions, as each of these, regardless of its shape or form, comes embedded with their SLM97 security controllers optimized for industrial M2M applications.
  • Kontron (1-478): As the company keeps extending the range of ECT modules that support their security solution APPROTECT, they are providing all the mighty functionality of CodeMeter built in by design. Their team has created a specific demo that brilliantly explains the security by default principles of all their recent form factors.
  • OPC Foundation (3-358): This international standards organization keeps reaching new installation records on a global scale. They will exhibit many key technologies, including CodeMeter hardware secure elements that have integrated the OPC UA stack and added new value and meaning for the whole ecosystem.
  • Wind River (4-361): As the business cooperation morphs over the years, Wibu-Systems and Wind River keep offering a comprehensive turnkey solution for VxWorks that encompasses integrity protection, authenticity, IP and copy protection, certificate management, license and entitlement management, and hardware, software, and cloud-based key storage.

The untrammelled explosion of the amount of data moving between cyber-physical systems is exposing industrial facilities, entire workforces, and vendors to unprecedented risks and cyber-attacks that have the potential to destabilize public transportation, telecommunications, and business with frightening frequency. Join us at Embedded World to learn about pragmatic approaches and tangible results you can easily attain by adopting our holistic vision and multi-purpose technology.



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