ARC Industry Forum Orlando

2019-02-04 - 2019-02-07
Orlando, FL, USA

The ARC Industry Forum will focus on how digitizing factories, cities, and infrastructure will benefit technology end users and suppliers alike. The meeting is sponsored by the ARC Advisory Group, a leading technology research and advisory for industry, infrastructure, and cities.






Industrial IoT Cybersecurity Trends and Developments Workshop
Monday, February 4, 10:30 a.m.

Security is a key enabler of every digital transformation initiative.  Ensuring the security of IoT devices and their deployments is essential. Secure-by-design devices are necessary, but not sufficient. Security also needs to be addressed throughout the complex supply chains involved in the deployment of IoT devices in end user facilities. This includes technology providers, OEMs of smart assets, distributors, implementers, and IoT platform providers. Security also has to be sustained throughout the devices operating lifetime. 

Marcellus Buchheit, President and CEO of Wibu-Systems USA, will join a panel of IIoT security experts in an open discussion on the many issues involved with the cybersecurity of industrial systems and critical infrastructure.

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