Wibu-Systems takes its second German Innovation Award for AxProtector JavaScript


Jury impressed by the innovative protection solution for JavaScript applications

The novel AxProtector JavaScript protection and licensing solution from Wibu-Systems wins the German Innovation Award 2022.

Wibu-Systems, the innovators behind the CodeMeter software protection, licensing, and security technology, wins the 2022 German Innovation Award for its AxProtector JavaScript. The German Design Council chose to honor the sophisticated protection software in recognition of its innovative ability to encrypt and license native JavaScript applications. This is the second success for Wibu-Systems in the competition for the coveted award, following the 2021 award for its novel CmCloudContainers.

The German Innovation Award is presented by the German Design Council, the storied and high-profile organization set up in 1953 to fly the flag for innovation and engineering excellence in the post-war boom years. Its jury of leading representatives from industry and academia choose their award recipients carefully to honor innovative solutions and products that bring real added value to the lives of their users and, in their own words, to make innovation visible. In the tough competition for the popular award, Wibu-Systems was proud to see its AxProtector JavaScript nominated and to have the innovative protection solution ultimately win the award in 2022.

AxProtector JavaScript is one of the core members of the AxProtector family of encryption and protection software that makes up the backbone of the CodeMeter security and licensing ecosystem. In particular, AxProtector JavaScript is designed to secure server- and client-side standalone JavaScript applications with Wibu-Systems unbeaten and award-winning encryption technology, add dedicated reverse engineering and anti-debugging capabilities, and prepare them for any licensing model with CodeMeter.

With AxProtector JavaScript, developers have the full range of protection options available: Applications can be encrypted in their entirety and license checks added for the fundamental licensing functionality; individual features or functions can be encrypted and licensed separately for added flexibility in how software can be marketed and distributed; or the system only adds the protection features to safeguard the IP in the software without license checks. This IP Protection mode is a particularly effective choice for trial or freemium software. For the highest possible security, AxProtector JavaScript encrypts the application on method level and adds a native AxProtector runtime library.

Fully integrated in the CodeMeter universe, AxProtector JavaScript lets developers benefit from the extensive integration and automation capabilities of Wibu-Systems’ flagship software and from its flexible choice of license containers, ranging from hardware CmDongles to software CmActLicenses or the new CmCloudContainers for even greater freedom and mobility – the license container innovation that won the previous German Innovation Award in 2021.

“Even for a company committed to innovation like Wibu-Systems, these consecutive wins are an outstanding achievement,” said Oliver Winzenried, the company’s co-founder and CEO. “2021 gave us reason to celebrate with the prize we won for our novel CmCloudContainers. To repeat this performance in 2022 with a product that is as innovative, but also as technically specific as AxProtector JavaScript, demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction with our research and development efforts.”

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