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OT meets IT

2019 5月 28 - 2019 5月 29

Merge or collide? As the digital transformation gradually affects every area of our lives, critical issues are surfacing when Operational Technology and Information Technology are brought together. Production managers, mechanical engineers, IT specialists, and intelligent device manufacturers need to start speaking the same language to orchestrate comprehensive processes that take into account the requirements and specifications of both worlds. Only a closer dialogue can ensure effective results in smart manufacturing. As the production community debates the expertise that OT and IT can learn from each other both from a technical and a business perspective, Wibu-Systems will share its insights.

On May 29th, 4.00 to 4.30 pm, Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, will speak about Efficient Protection Mechanisms Against Tampering and Cyber Attacks. In his lecture, he will stress a fundamental concept: IT security cannot be purchased as an addon! Standard security measures like firewalls are not enough in our current age. This is the time to survey all your invaluable plant and machine assets (including production and configuration data) and secure them with native, built-in protections. The presentation will illustrate some real-life examples of how software, firmware, and data integrity can be safeguarded from manipulations, reverse engineering, and illegal copying. The attendees will leave the room with at least one vital takeaway: By integrating secure manufacturing processes with the existing back office workflow, they will be able to leverage the complete financial worth of their business and even create additional models that can expedite their companies’ growth locally and internationally.

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