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CodeMeter Embedded


CodeMeter Embedded is a modular runtime environment for embedded systems, such as Linux Embedded, VxWorks, QNX, and Android. CodeMeter Embedded includes a subset of CodeMeter Runtime functionality. The modular design allows you, as the software vendor, to adjust the size and functional range to your needs.

The available modules are:

  • CmDongles
  • CmActLicenses
  • Network Client
  • Runtime Bridge
  • Encrypted Communication
  • License Cache
CodeMeter Embedded puzzle

The Modules in Detail

The CmDongle module allows CmDongles to be used as a safe repository for keys and licenses.

The CmActLicense module allows the use of a CmActLicense with binding to specific properties of an embedded device. You can define the type of binding for your device by using a special adapter.

The Network Client module allows the use of licenses of a license server with CodeMeter Runtime.

The Runtime Bridge module ensures that software compiled with CodeMeter Embedded can also run on a system where CodeMeter Runtime is installed and other software protected with CodeMeter is already active. This module is made necessary due to the fact that CodeMeter integrates a security mechanism that prevents the simultaneous use of a CmDongle in two separate processes.

The Encrypted Communication module ensures that the communication to a CmDongle is additionally protected via an encrypted channel.

The License Cache module holds information about the licenses that are already available in memory in order to guarantee faster access to them. Keys and encrypted data fields, like the Hidden Data field, never leave the CmDongle or CmActLicense.

Function CodeMeter
CmDongles   Yes Yes
CmActLicenses Yes Yes Yes
CmCloudLicenses     Yes
LAN Client    Yes Yes
LAN Server     Yes
Trial Licenses,
Subscription-based Licenses
   Yes Yes
Pay-Per-Use Licenses    Yes Yes
Feature-based Licenses Yes Yes Yes
Version-based Licenses Yes Yes Yes
License Transfer Master     Yes
License Transfer Endpoint Yes Yes Yes
File-based License Update Yes Yes Yes
Terminal Server Detection     Yes
Remote Desktop Detection     Yes
Secure Key Storage Yes Yes Yes