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  • With additionally inserted parallel ports via PCI card, it may happen that WibuBoxes won’t be connected by the WibuKey software. In this case, the E/A area has to be configured manually. Please do as follows:


    Open the device manager.

    Now search for Apapter/LPT or something like this or maybe there is an entry called “Multi I/O adapter”.

    Right click on it and open the properties. There has to be a tab called “Resources” and there is the E/A area of the PCI card. Please list the first four letters.


    Now go to the control panel and open the WibuKey control panel.

    If you only see four tabs please go on the left upper corner of the window and click on the title bar, there you can choose the expert mode.

    Now you have to change to the tab “Setup”.

    Please remove the “System default” check mark and enter the E/A area of the PCI card in the Port address line.

    Press the Apply Button

    At last open the Content tab and check if the WibuBox/P is now properly recognized and displayed