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A WibuBox/P sporadically displays the errors WK1202[8], or[7] or can not be recognized despite correctly installed drivers


Problem: Some notebooks and "newer" PCs don't supply the LPT interface with enough power. This can cause a Timeout problem.
Solution:A Timeout occurs when the WibuKey driver can not access the WibuBox within the expectated time interval. The time interval can be increased by using a so-called DelayFactor. The DelayFactor is a normal registry extension.



Here you can download a zip archive containing various Delayfactors: The Delayfactor can be activated by double clicking. After having changed the DelayFactors enter the command [..\wibukey\bin] wku32.exe reset all or restart your PC. Only this way it is guaranteed that all WibuKey specific registry entries will be reread. Note: For the first time try always a slow DelayFactor (such as 4), because it influences the WibuKey processes and can therefore slow down the protected application.