Your first steps with CodeMeter UFC


Let’s get started with UFC

Thank you for choosing CodeMeter! Follow this simple procedure to get started with your very own CodeMeter Universal Firm Code (UFC):

  • Activate your Universal Firm Code in the FSB (Firm Security Box) with a license update file
  • Import the license file
  • Activate your licenses in the FSB with a ticket

The three required items

  • license update file – *.WibuCmRaU
  • license file – CmFirm.wbc, and
  • ticket

are being sent to you by email.


Please install the CodeMeter SDK found on the DVD in the CodeMeter Toolkit. Alternatively, you can download it from our website

In order to send you a license update file, we need a license request from the CmDongle that has been assigned the role of your FSB. If you have not yet sent this request to license(at) or your sales representative, please do so now. You can find the instructions in the document: “Creating a WibuCmRaC file.pdf”.

Make sure you also read the Nomenclature at the end of this document, where we explain what the different elements listed in this document are for and what they entitle you to.


Activating Your Universal Firm Code

Follow these instructions to activate a CmDongle from the CodeMeter Toolkit to work as an FSB for your Universal Firm Code.

Note: If you have received a CmDongle with activated FSB functionality for your Universal Firm Code, you can skip this step.

Along with this document, you received a license update file (*.WibuCmRaU). This file is meant for a single use. Please save it on your desktop and drag it (by drag & drop) to CodeMeter Control Center.

You can delete the license update file from your desktop after you have completed this step. It has no further purpose and cannot be used a second time.

Importing the CmFirm.wbc

Along with this document, you also received a license file, CmFirm-xxxxxxx.wbc, by email. “xxxxxxx” will be replaced by your individual Firm Code. You will need this file again if you switch the computer you are using.

To import the CmFirm.wbc file, please save it on your desktop and drag it into CodeMeter Control Center. The tools in the CodeMeter SDK are now able to use this Firm Code on this computer.

Please keep this file in a secure area of your computer or in a safe spot at your office facilities. You will need it again whenever you want to use your FSB with a different computer.

Activating Your Licenses with Your FSB

On the invoice you were sent, you also received a ticket for CodeMeter licenses.

To transfer the licenses to your newly activated FSB, please access the CodeMeter License Portal at: You can transfer them online into the FSB as long as the dongle is plugged into your local computer.

  • Enter the ticket and click on “Next”.
  • Click on “Activate Licenses”.

If you have CodeMeter Runtime or CodeMeter SDK installed on your computer and if the FSB is available on the computer, you will now find the FSB’s serial number in the box headed “Select Your CmContainer”. If you have multiple CmDongles connected to your computer, please select the FSB.

  • Now click on “Activate Selected Licenses Now”.

The licenses are now contained in your FSB and can be used directly from there.

If the FSB is connected to a computer without Internet access or if your settings do not allow direct programming access, you can transfer the licenses via a file-based update. For more information on offline transfers, please see the CodeMeter manuals included in the CodeMeter SDK.


The Firm Security Box

The Firm Security Box (FSB) represents your master dongle that keeps your personal Firm Code. With an FSB, you have the ability to create licenses for your Firm Code and protect software with CodeMeter Protection Suite and your Firm Code. Please keep your FSB in a safe spot. By allocating the individual Firm Code, Wibu-Systems makes sure that only you can create and edit these licenses.

The FSB stores the cryptographic keys that you need for these processes. These keys can be used when the FSB is available; they are, however, never read out and can therefore not be gotten hold of from your computer’s memory.

You can order as many FSBs for your Firm Code as you need from Wibu-Systems. There are two options:

  • Standard FSB
  • Encryption-Only FSB

A standard FSB can create licenses and encrypt software. An encryption-only FSB can only encrypt software. The latter option will usually be used on build servers for daily delivery and continuous integration or locally by developers.

The standard FSB is typically connected to CodeMeter License Central and no user has a direct access to it. Alternatively, it can also be used on a local computer or on a network, with access for all connected computers, individual computers, or named users / user groups. Be sure that only those users or computers that genuinely need to do so can access the standard FSB. For more information about configuring your network, please see the CodeMeter manual.

The CmFirm.wbc

The license file acts as the second factor for your work with the FSB. You should import this license file to all computers on which you want to create licenses with the CodeMeter SDK (e.g. with CodeMeter License Editor or CmBoxPgm) or encrypt software with CodeMeter Protection Suite.

If you are using the FSB on a network, the CmFirm.wbc file also needs to be imported to the network server.

Please keep the CmFirm.wbc file safe. If you decide to switch your computer, please import it again to your new machine.

When using CodeMeter License Central, the CmFirm.wbc file will be imported by Webmin. To do so, follow the installation instructions for CodeMeter License Central.

The Ticket

The licensing model of CodeMeter accommodates two options:

  • Licenses can be billed per use
  • Licenses can be billed for a set annual fee

With each new order of CodeMeter licenses, you will receive a new ticket. The ticket also allows you to return licenses from an FSB and transfer them to another FSB of yours afterwards

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