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When programming a CmContainer, I get an error and the CodeMeter log displays the message "FC:PC=99: : UnitCounter is zero.". What can I do?


This behavior occurs, when the number of transactions allowed by your Firm Security Box (FSB) is used up. You cannot use your Firm Code any more to program an empty CmContainer.

In order to provide you with additional transactions, we require a license request (context) file of your FSB sent to sales(at)

To create the context file of your FSB, please proceed as follows:

  • Connect the FSB to the computer.
  • Open CodeMeter Control Center.
  • Select the FSB in the left Licenses tab.
  • Click the "License update"-button.
    Licenses are read and the CmFAS Assistant opens.
  • Select the options "Create license request | Extend existing license |  Firm Security Box Item (99)" on the subsequent wizard pages.
  • Specify the path and file name to save the context file under any name to your chosen location.