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IoT Security Circle

26 ottobre 2020 - 27 ottobre 2020

As the Internet of Things is picking up momentum and penetrating into all aspects of our lives, vendors who are fully dedicated to securing connected devices throughout their lifecycle and ultimately offering a safe experience to the users are again raising the bar with their technologies. At the fourth IoT Security Circle, Infineon and its ISPN partners will dive into such innovative security topics as blockchain, post-quantum cryptography, IoT, and cloud computing.

The agenda contains an informative mix of use cases, visions for the future of security taking us up to 2025, regulatory assessments, and technologies readily available right now. At 5.15 pm, Stefan Bamberg, our Senior Key Account and Partner Manager, will address a captive audience with a provocative lecture on “Who is this? The problem with secure communication in the IoT”: When we talk about Industry 4.0 and the IoT, we essentially mean massive numbers of industrial devices working and communicating with each other, often distributed across the world. This creates an inherent challenge that must be solved first to guarantee the future success of the IoT: How to make sure that only authorized devices are allowed to exchange data with other authorized devices or gateways, and how to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks or tampering with sensitive data? The presentation shows the standard OPC UA-proven solution, based on a secure CodeMeter hardware anchor, with Infineon technology inside, that gives each device a unique and immediately verifiable identity.

The IoT Security Circle also gives ample space to real-life demonstrations. In its dedicated area, Wibu-Systems will showcase CodeMeter Certificate Vault, a PKCS#11-compliant token provider that integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Cryptographic API Next Generation (CNG) as a Key Storage Provider (KSP) and works perfectly with the OpenSSL API to e.g. store and handle the keys for TLS certificates with uncompromising CodeMeter security. The solution addresses a crucial risk vector for possible attacks on IoT networks that work by bringing in unauthorized devices/sensors and intercepting and manipulating information sent or received by devices/gateways. The demo itself focuses on an OPC UA client communicating securely with an OPC UA server, using certificates stored on the Wibu-Systems’ CmDongles equipped with an SLE97 security smart card chip made by Infineon.