Internet of Things - from Sensors to the Cloud 2019

Mövenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport, Stuttgart, Germany

The international community is investing massively into the future of the IoT, both in terms of assets and effort. The IoT is still believed to be the turning point for economies to step on the accelerator while also generating fair and sustainable trade. The developers who are tasked with designing this new infrastructure and creating its building blocks in the form of hardware and software, platforms and standards, connectivity and security, are encountering new challenges at an exponential rate. In addition, architectures and the distribution of applications, integrated ecosystems and services, data models, and even the semantics of the transmitted data ​​play a role in the way data travels from the sensors to the cloud and back.

To address these pivotal issues, industry experts will present the approaches, solutions, and practical applications that are being born from the IIoT digital transformation:

  • IoT communication: Standards, wireless networks, integration
  • AI and Machine Learning in the IoT: AI in the Edge, use cases for AI in the IoT, automated Machine Learning
  • Methods and tools for the IoT: Decentralized, collaborative IoT systems, Digital Twins, predictive maintenance
  • Security in the IoT: Secure elements, security by design, secure communication, hacking techniques
  • IoT best practices: Open source as innovator, smart factory technologies, cloud computing
  • IoT retrofit: Integrating inventory machines in Industry 4.0
  • HMI for IoT applications: Developing HMIs for industrial automation

From 12.20 to 12.40 pm, Guenther Fischer, Senior Consultant Licensing and Protection, will take you on a journey into “Security for TIA Portal”. Teams collaborate most effectively online, but the engineering data that they need and that is stored in the Siemens TIA Portal is often very sensitive in nature. A powerful access control management system is critical to ensure that only authorized users can view and edit the projects they are entitled to. Wibu-Systems has developed CodeMeter Keyring for TIA Portal Password Provider, a tool to bind IP to a hardware secure element and take the level of security from an I-know to I-know-and-I-have principle. The complementary CodeMeter Keyring Password Manager stays in the hands of the system’s designated super-user, who can assign, edit, and revoke user credentials dynamically.



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