Innovation Festival

Virtual Event

Karlsruhe has been the natural home of information technology in Germany for decades. The local higher education system and the unique constellation of R&D institutions located in town have made the city a force to be reckoned within the digital revolution. The initiative is now the premier IT cluster in Europe with its 1,000 members, and Europe’s #4 ICT hub with over 4,200 companies active in this field.

Organized by and streamed live from the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, the Innovation Festival will bring its virtual stage to life with 100 partners from science, business, culture, and public government that are making digitalization visible and tangible. Starting from 2 pm, lectures will roll out every 10 minutes and provide an insightful picture of Karlsruhe's economic, scientific, cultural, and administrative pioneers. Guests can join for free without any need for registration.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems, will be part of the live event not just to highlight the key role of his company in the global arena of protection, licensing, and security for digital assets, but also to launch a brand new venture: the House of IT Security: professional and exclusively designed co-working spaces available only to IT security companies, researchers, and official institutions that are committed to creating a safer and more secure IT world. The new building, which is being erected in the City Park of Karlsruhe and will be ready by the end of Q1/2021, will house in its 5,500 sqm premium workplaces, IT security labs, and communal spaces with lots of great amenities. By combining academic excellence with enterprising minds, acting as an amplifier for the agility and energy of growing startups, attracting international companies pursuing IT security projects as well as academic and commercial partnerships in Karlsruhe, and generating new jobs and revenue in the region, the House of IT Security is set to become a physical beacon of IT security and form a completely novel pool of expertise and competence.



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