embedded world

2023-03-14 - 2023-03-16
Messe Nuremberg, Nuremberg, Germany

Twenty-one years of embedded world, and counting. From its inception, embedded world established itself as a firm favorite and regular meet-up for the embedded tech community, including some of the leading minds and innovative businesses pursuing the vision of a digital, embedded-tech-enabled future with cleaner and smarter systems and infrastructures, industrial and otherwise. Attendees from all over the world can come to the expo grounds in Nuremberg or join the digital events and discover why we at Wibu-Systems have been a constant presence at embedded world for many years already.

For this year’s edition, we are joining forces with OSADL, the Open Source Automation Development Lab. As a long-standing Bronze Member of the leading competence network for open source software in industrial products, we are in good company with many other tech-forward enterprises pushing the development of a new type of industry. As such, our contribution to our shared expo presence will feature our highlight technologies for a more effective and more secure digital industry – including one very special new addition to our CodeMeter lineup.

These include:

  • our versatile CmCloud offerings, taking the popular licensing and encryption capabilities of CodeMeter to the cloud to protect, license, and monetize software and hardware in the most agile and mobile way possible
  • CmEmbedded, our dedicated solution for embedded systems, keeping true to its promise ­– lots of CodeMeter power in a tiny package – making it the perfect choice for lean and mean embedded systems like the modern industrial controllers that make smart factories and Industry 4.0 possible.
  • CodeMeter Certificate Vault, our authentication solution that translates the comfort and ease-of-use of CodeMeter’s licensing functionality into the world of digital certificates. With CodeMeter-level security and simpler workflows, CodeMeter Certificate Vault can turn digital certificates into the fundamental tokens of trustworthiness, reliable digital identities, and secure communication that they need to be in the digital future.
  • CmReadyTM, a completely new way of adding CodeMeter protection and licensing power to your digital life. CmReady introduces our popular technology to mass storage devices, with Swissbit’s Data Protection (DP) SD and microSD cards serving as the perfect vehicles to launch the new solution. The security features on board these high-end cards include special partitioning options for added data security as well as the ability needed for CmReady to bind licenses not to a digital fingerprint of the host device, but to the cards themselves. Coming close to the protection power of CmDongles, this expands the choice for hardware makers who cannot offer USB interfaces, but do not want to rely on software license containers alone, making CmReady a great asset in the world of embedded devices. 

To mark the introduction of the innovative CmReady solution, our Product Manager Marco Blume will be hosting a special joint talk with Christian Ullrich from Swissbit AG at the SD Association exhibit (hall 3A / booth 314). In their lecture CmReady-enabled mass storage devices bring an easy-to-use IP protection solution to the embedded world at 11:30 am on the first day of embedded world, the pair will give their audience a detailed briefing on the capabilities of the new system, focusing on its promise for the embedded tech community. In his second talk, Empowering embedded and IoT businesses with IP protection and licensing, of the day at 3 pm, Marco Blume will again take to the stage to look more generally at the power of CodeMeter with IP protection and versatile licensing models for IoT and embedded technology businesses. 

The staff of Swissbit is also available at the show (hall 1 / booth 534) to provide insights into their CmReady enabled cards.

We look forward to meeting you in person!

embedded world


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