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How do I reconfigure a CmDongle without flash memory?


CmDongles without real flash memory, i.e. devices with a memory of less than 128 MB, can be configured to be detected as a local disk or removable disk. Depending on how your system is configured and interacts with the CmDongle, it might be helpful to change the configuration. For reconfiguring a CmDongle, please proceed as follows:

  • Open a CodeMeter Command Prompt using "Start | All Programs | CodeMeter | Tools | CodeMeter Command Prompt".
  • Read the current configuration.
    Execute the following command, replacing the <serial> with your CmDongle serial number, e.g. "1-123456":
    cmu32 -s <serial> --show-config-disk
  • Reconfigure your CmDongle to be detected as removable device.
    Execute: cmu32 -s <serial> --set-config-disk RemovableDisk
  • Reconfigure your CmDongle to be detected as local disk.
    Execute: cmu32 -s <serial> --set-config-disk LocalDisk
  • Reconfigure your CmDongle to HID Communication (see also here).
    Execute: cmu32 -s <serial> --set-config-disk HidCommunication
  • Remove and replug the CmDongle.