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Hackers Reverse Engineering Uncovered


Latest hacking strategies unveiled for best in class protection systems

We all know that in order to defend ourselves from burglars we need safety doors and alarm systems. But what happens if their installation is left to unskilled craftsmen? The same analogy can be extended to the world of software protection.

Wibu-Systems has dedicated 20+ years to refine the best practices that can allow Independent Software Vendors and Original Equipment Manufacturers to protect their intellectual and business assets.

Given the multiplying attempts of hacking that we have also recently documented in our latest KEYnote, it is essential to implement software protection in an optimal way. This process is the key to make sure that no duplicated copy of your licenses is ever used without your authorization, no manipulation of your code is ever possible, no reverse-engineering is ever allowed.

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Contents in details:

Hackers Reverse Engineering Uncovered
(Rüdiger Kügler, Security Expert)

  • Simple software protection API call in .NET
  • Implementing critical parts as unmanaged code
  • Usage of Authenticode signatures 
  • Use of obfuscation techniques
  • Hiding function calls with reflection
  • Protection data with encryption API
  • Encryption of executable code

AxProtetcor .NET and IxProtector .NET under the same umbrella
(Stefan Bamberg, Senior Key Account and Partner Manager)

  • Basic principles of code encryption with AxProtector and IxProtector
  • Performance vs. Paranoia: how to fine-tune your application
  • Integration of features-on-demand
  • Source code queries and selection with attributes
  • Examples of traps to lock the license
  • How to handle license error messages with routines of your own

Meet your hosts

Rüdiger Kügler, Security Expert

After studying physics, he worked as marketing manager for banks in the software solution compartment, as well as key account manager for e-commerce businesses. Since 2003 he has been the Vice President of Sales at Wibu-Systems, where his highly skilled competences in sales management and as a Security Expert are extremely appreciated by customers.

Stefan Bamberg, Senior Key Account and Partner Manager

After studying computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), he worked in R&D of traffic simulation before switching over to IT project management and Key Account Management responsible for large ICT companies. At Wibu-Systems he is now working in the Key Account Division of the sales department.