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License Portals – Default and Custom Look


License portals benefit everybody: a win-win for software developers and users alike. By setting up a license portal, software developers or vendors give their users an opportunity to manage their license whenever and wherever they want. They can activate licenses, move them to new devices, or even recover lost licenses themselves (to the extent and under the conditions accepted by the vendor). This promises great availability and top customer satisfaction on the user’s side and substantial savings in terms of support services on the developer’s side. Wibu-Systems has prepared a special modular license portal that can be mixed and matched perfectly to any use case or business model in the market.

WebDepot is our license portal in its most basic form, reduced to its essentials. It includes all functions that are needed for anonymous single users. Prime among them is the ability to activate licenses, which WebDepot can do for both online and offline scenarios: Even in our hyperconnected world, there can be cases in which the target device for the license is not connected to the Internet. Under such circumstances, WebDepot comes with a mode that works by sharing special files to activate the local license. Another option is the use of push updates, which allow the user to simply select the right offline CmContainer from a list shown in WebDepot, without having to send a request file from the target device. WebDepot can also be used to move licenses from one device to another, and lost licenses can simply be reactivated if this is allowed by the software vendor. To prevent abuse, the system automatically blacklists the lost license or CmContainer.

One important and popular module of our license portal is its user management capabilities, which comes in two basic types: running as a separate system in the license portal or integrating with an established single sign-on system. The classic use case for these functions is multi-level user management, which is the normal scenario at e.g. educational licenses for schools or university (faculty to students), the reseller market (resellers to their customers), and corporate clients (administrators to end users). The administrator in each case – be it a faculty member, a reseller, or a system admin – has a pool of licenses in the form of tickets assigned to their admin account, which can then be distributed and allocated to the end users that need them.

User management also becomes key when using the new CmCloudContainers. Users can configure a single CmCloudContainer to work on more than one device simply by going through the license portal, which also makes it easy to change the access settings for the CmCloudContainer.

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Our webinar will cover the following points:

  • The essentials: The WebDepot
  • Requirements for a license portal
  • User management
  • Multi-level user manager
  • Support for CmCloudContainers

All license portal functions can also be accessed with our Software Activation Wizard. With all of these options, software developers have all the power to decide which features of our license portal they want to use and how many of them they want their users to see and access.