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How to Protect a .NET Application

Online masterclass

As the release of .NET 5 is drawing nearer, the global software development community is expecting a new level of performance, versatility, and usability for their favorite development platform – a good moment to take another look at software protection. With .NET’s popularity growing even further since the release of .NET Standard and .NET Core, there has been increasing interest in its built-in security features like code signing and code access security. At the same time, .NET code remains notoriously susceptible to reverse engineering, and all software companies relying on .NET should consider the many add-on protection solutions available in the market.

Wibu-Systems has long embraced protection for .NET applications by bringing the full power and comfort of its CodeMeter technology to the platform. CodeMeter Protection Suite comes with a special flavor of AxProtector, our perennial favorite for protecting .NET applications: AxProtector .NET. Its fully automated encryption capabilities go far beyond standard security-by-obfuscation approaches, with powerful 256-bit AES encryption and a special safety shell, AxEngine, to keep your sensitive code encrypted right up to the point of need. Encrypted classes and methods stay safe from prying eyes until they are called, decrypted in the background, and immediately removed again from the computer’s memory once they are no longer needed. This clever process, aided by intelligent caching, keeps the impact on performance to an absolute minimum. With cutting-edge anti-debugging and anti-disassembly methods and hidden honey pot traps added to the mix, CodeMeter Protection Suite offers an unparalleled level of protection for .NET applications along with CodeMeter’s popular licensing functionalities, with extensive automation to aid your development workflows and exceptional performance and usability.

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In this  webinar, we will be going back to basics with CodeMeter’s capabilities for .NET applications:

  • Disassembling a .NET Application
  • AxProtector .NET: How it works
  • Protecting a single executable
  • Performance fine tuning
  • Modular protection within a single executable
  • Modular protection with executable and libraries
  • Error Handling

The latest version of AxProtector .NET has reached a new level of performance. Follow along as we explore all of the different features available at your fingertips, discover best practices and use cases, and start making full use of this powerful tool from the CodeMeter’s universe.

For those who join us live and answer a three-question survey at the end of the session correctly, there is an additional treat in store: We will draw the winner of an Amazon coupon worth 50 EUR. The winner will be notified in the replay announcement.