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Hannover Messe


Visit us in booth B18 in hall 15

20 April 2020 - 24 April 2020

The leitmotif that the Hannover Messe, the world’s leading event for intelligent industrial technology, has chosen for 2020 is Industrial Transformation. The megatrends of digitalization, individualization, and climate protection are the key drivers of industrial change in our times. The industrial transformation unfolding around us is forging ahead at great speed and is proving immensely disruptive. It is bringing radical change to industrial communication, product development, production, and logistics, and this in turn is driving demand-side behavior, with industrial customers now facing very different needs and challenges than only a few years ago.

How does Wibu-Systems fit into this futuristic picture?

The proliferation of connected devices that characterizes the IIoT exacerbates the need for redesigning business models and rethinking security paradigms. Wibu-Systems’ flagship technology sits at the crossroads of the industrial transformation. With CodeMeter, the company offers a single modular and scalable solution that addresses the needs of machine builders and operators alike. The same hardware secure elements in the form of USB dongles, memory cards or ASICs can be used by both types of actors for storing the secrets related to the IP they develop, restricting access rights to internal staff and third-party service technicians, and securing the communication channel. Additionally, a strategic approach to software licensing generates new and recurring revenue streams that can be remotely adjusted to the changing market needs in real time.

The place to be is our booth B18 in hall 15, the area that groups digital platforms, cloud & infrastructure, and IT security solutions.

What are the major news from Wibu-Systems?

At Hannover Messe, our attention is mainly focused on:

  • Cloud license containers: Having successfully passed the beta test phase, CmCloud fully enters the portfolio to bring a totally new path to licensing. It used to be that the vendor’s portal and the user’s portal where in the cloud for an effective and timely license creation and rollout on one side and activation on the other side. CmCloud now completes the picture and introduces license containers that live permanently in the cloud, combined with a secure, interoperable, scalable, and modular architecture.
  • Hardware license containers: Still the most secure way to protect software, firmware, and confidential data, dongles are here to stay for the long term. Wibu-Systems’ family of hardware secure elements keeps growing to accommodate the needs of a highly sophisticated market. The available choices include not just different sizes of devices (compact or standard) and casing materials (plastic or metal) with the different customization alternatives that they entail, but also a selection of connecting interface types (USB, SD, microSD, CFast, SPI), USB connector mounting types (SiP or standard), USB protocols implemented (2.0 or 3.1), nand flash memory classes (MLC or pSLC), different temperature ranges in the operating environment, as well as the choice to make the units removable or permanently fixed.
  • Secure identification: Digital certificates using the x.509 format are becoming more and more critical for identifying machines and operators on the shop floor; CodeMeter Certificate Vault leverages existing elements of the CodeMeter universe, namely the hardware license containers and the license management platform, to provide additional functionality. PKCS#11 certificates are managed via the standard workflows typical of CodeMeter License Central and make their way to the smart card chips embedded in the dongles. Once private keys are securely stored, they can be used with all applications based on Microsoft Cryptographic API Next Generation (CNG) and OpenSSL API, including OPC UA safe communications.