SAVE Automazione Industriale e 4.0

2020-06-30 - 2020-07-03
Virtual Event

SAVE returns this year in a special digital format, with almost an entire week of sessions and activities dedicated to a selection of highlight topics. The four days are kicked off on June 30th with a day all about maintenance 4.0, followed by diagnostics, predictive analytics, and monitoring solutions on July 1st, and control and supervision systems and industrial automation in Industry 4.0 on July 2nd. They close with a day for smart devices and the IoT as well as cyber-security for industry on July 3rd.

As the situation of the last few months continues to prevent us from meeting and engaging with each other in person, SAVE has packed its agenda with lots of events and opportunities for online participation. The dedicated platform is designed to enable participants to engage in the business matchmaking for which the live show is a popular venue.

Wibu-Systems will be out in (virtual) force for two specific events:

  • The session on “Best Practices for Software Trustworthiness in IIoT Applications, in which we will be exploring how software trustworthiness is the gatekeeper property that allows IIoT systems to operate in line with their requirements, safe from outside interference and with less risk of service disruption, productivity losses, or even material damage or physical harm.
  • The webinar on “Reimagining the Value Chain for a New Industrial Renaissance, which will cast a light on ways to capitalize on the digital revolution by shifting attention from hardware to software and seizing the business opportunities created by the new landscape – with a proactive response to the novel challenges it poses for information security.

Daniela Previtali, Global Marketing Director at Wibu-Systems, has also been interviewed about the impact that COVID-19 has had on Industry 4.0 and the implications for future industry automation, drawing on the technological advances and the thirty years of experience of the company.

Wibu-Systems is recognized as a pioneer innovator and global market leader for software licensing, committed to protecting the integrity of digital assets, technological know-how, and intellectual property from the threats of piracy, reverse engineering, tampering and sabotage or other vectors of cyber-attacks. The company believes in the principle of freedom: Freedom for software developers, makers of smart devices, their users, and society at large to create new value with novel business models, using modular, scalable, interoperable, and versatile solutions. Using modern app store concepts and employing the full power of CodeMeter, enterprises can implement multiple business models at the same time to match the changing demand in their markets, reduce the cost of production, inventory, and logistics, and minimize their environmental footprint.

The world needs to realize that the new age of connectivity that the IIoT has initiated also brings with it new types of cyber-attacks. Industrial machines, like their human operators, need to have ways to identify themselves reliably to stop illicit users or systems from wreaking havoc in networks. X.509 certificates, coupled with the OPC UA protocol and secure hardware containers, are an ideal weapon to fight this threat. Digital certificate chains associated with boot loader, operating system, applications, and configuration data can offer maximum security and integrity protection for embedded systems.


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