Computer&AUTOMATION world & conference

2020-06-17 - 2020-07-03
Virtual event

In the current medical emergency, the world meets at virtual events. That is also the case with this new online trade fair and conference dedicated to all products and trends in automation technology, covering drives, operating and monitoring solutions, controllers, smart sensors, AI technologies, ethernet connectivity, and much more. To offer additional insights in the new world that is being shaped right before our eyes, this conference will run in parallel to the INDUSTRIAL production and handling event, the PLASTIC MAGAZINE world & conference, and the material flow world & conference. The entire event package is put forward by WEKA Fachmedien, a leading media partner providing reliable advice and information in the fast-growing and rapidly changing markets of professional electronics, automation, energy, and IT and communication technology.

On 24 June, at 2 pm, Stefan Bamberg, our Senior Key Account and Partner Manager, will go live with the thought-provoking lecture “Sell your machine in parts – protection and licensing in times of Industry 4.0”. Just a few years ago, manufacturers were generating their revenue from hardware alone, and customers were expecting the software on board free of charge. However, the ever-ending battle to keep of hardware costs down and the complexities related to maintaining entire fleets of hardware products, each for a different purpose, have made it necessary to look for new business models. Today, the capabilities of machines are essentially determined by their software and firmware, making software licensing the key to success in the industrial realm as well. Machine vendors can still provide all the necessary basic functionalities free of charge, but they are encouraged to monetize the specialized and valuable features that set them apart from their competition. Features-on-demand, subscription, time and consumption-driven models are at the top of everyone’s mind these days. In line with the motto "Integrate Once – Deliver Many", the necessary software is delivered to the customers in its entirety, but they can only use those functionalities that were activated in accordance with the contract they have signed up for. But this model is far from rigid: the set of functionalities can be adjusted in the field anytime to serve the customers’ evolving needs. For the machine vendor, the only risk concerns the digital know-how involved in this transaction: Digital IP requires strong and future-proof safeguards.

With CodeMeter, you can achieve the maximum level of protection for a highly versatile licensing scheme. With CodeMeter Protection Suite, you can not only shield applications efficiently from piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering, but also package them in your chosen licensing model, drawn from a plethora of possible models. And to complete the picture, CodeMeter License Central and its integration in existing back-office systems, lets you create, manage, and distribute licenses to your end users, worldwide and 24/7.

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