2020-02-12 - 2020-02-14
Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan

The SMART FACTORY expo is the place to be to see all the latest technologies and advances for smart factories and smart logistics together, including novel IoT, AI, factory automation, and industrial robotics solutions. Automation and robotics systems equipped with IIoT technology have become indispensable for bringing the next-generation manufacturing visions driven by smart factory and Industry 4.0 concepts to life, and SMART FACTORY is proud to exhibit innovative solutions for AI-based production management and quality control.

The idea of smart factories and the IIoT is attracting more and more attention in the industry, but security issues are unavoidable wherever these concepts are actually becoming operational. Wibu-Systems provides encryption technology to protect the data used in smart manufacturing from malicious attacks or reverse engineering, as well as a comprehensive license management solution to manage the people and devices allowed to use that data. With the power of these solutions in their hands, automation equipment makers can feel safe selling the software for their products, and factory operators can protect their equipment from external attacks.

At the exhibition, we will be demonstrating the software protection and license management capabilities of CodeMeter. CodeMeter supports multiple devices (computer, embedded systems, PLC systems, microcontrollers) according to the customer’s needs and runs on all mainstream industrial systems (Android, Linux, QNX, and VxWorks) and architectures (ARM, x86, PowerPC). In addition, CodeMeter can use hardware, software, and cloud containers to store sensitive information as well as digital keys and software licenses. Come and see the CodeMeter solution in action and experience how it can help you protect and monetize your digital assets. Software Development Kits are available for you on request.

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