Protection of Embedded Software: Workshop, Lecture and Exhibition, the formula of Wibu-Systems for the Embedded World 2014


Security concepts from industrial field applications of CodeMeter

This year's Embedded World is all about security. During the show Wibu-Systems is going to propagate notions about best practices on how to protect embedded software against counterfeiting and manipulation. The solutions of this security veteran facilitate in fact Protection, namely protection against piracy and reverse engineering; Licensing, the enablement of new business models through flexible operation and the integration in sales processes; as well as Cyber-Security, in the sense of protection against manipulation. For the first time ever, the company is going to use three different channels to circulate educational information: an exhibition space, a workshop and a lecture. At the partner stand with Microsoft (Hall 5, booth 370), the team of Wibu-Systems will provide technical expertise about software protection.

The workshop „Protect an Embedded System against Tampering and Counterfeiting“, that will be held in the classroom 09, will allow participants to work in pairs directly on a PC equipped with an embedded system and an Intel Atom-based embedded system with VxWorks, under the supervision of Wibu-Systems experts. The goal is for them to learn the skills meant at protecting an embedded software from manipulation and piracy attacks fully independently. The workshop will take place on February 26th, 1.30 to 5 pm.

The 30-minute lecture of Oliver Winzenried on February 27th at 3 pm will focus on cybersecurity, secure boot and how firmware updates can be protected against manipulation. This session is listed under no. 17 in the category “Security and Cryptography III”.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, further explains: „The embedded software actually holds a great deal of know-how. A manufacturer can only remain profitable on the market if he can effectively protect the know-how encapsulated in his software against software piracy, counterfeiting and tampering. The participants to the workshop will enjoy a full hands-on experience and in three and a half hour will be made capable of setting up a valid protection system.”

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