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Intelligent Sensor Networks Conference

3. November 2015 - 3. November 2015

The IoT movement is founded on intelligent sensors for a smarter world. The urban and the natural environment, utilities, monitoring and metering , retail, logistics, manufacturing, agriculture and farming, people’s homes and even their health are quickly becoming automated to an extent that would have been science fiction only a few years ago.

The 6th edition of the International ISN Conference will cover a vast range of topics, including Industrie 4.0, Smart Infrastructures, M2M, and Big Data, all gravitating around the invisible power of sensors. The format of the event also accommodates diverse educational and networking opportunities, be it the seminar keynote, parallel lectures, or the exhibition space.

In the afternoon session, Marcel Hartgerink, manager at Wibu-Systems, will illustrate a number of relevant “Industrial Internet Use Cases” and introduce the audience to the Industrial Internet Consortium’s mission. The IIC has recently published a Reference Architecture document that guides manufacturers in their journey from a hardware to a software-oriented approach. In this new context, IP and tamper protection against cyber attacks play a major role and require special measures in design and implementation. Wibu-Systems has fostered strong industrial alliance partnerships and brought to market effective solutions for the complete spectrum of security to safeguard product know-how against counterfeiting, reverse engineering, and manipulation.