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VECTOR – Germany – Automotive

Enabling easier access to the future of mobility with CodeMeter licensing power

CodeMeter, SAP, and custom solutions perfectly integrated 

The Challenge

@Vector Informatik GmbHAs a trailblazer for the future of mobility and a leading innovator behind ingenious technologies for electric car charging, safety and security concepts, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, and the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, Vector’s business depends on selling many thousands of licenses every year. Protecting its technology from piracy is a challenge that Vector faces head-on with their Vector Network Interfaces (VNIs) and licenses associated with a combination of Wibu-Systems hardware and software containers. Integrating this system into the production landscape and streamlining its delivery called for a leaner and standardized solution, built right into the company’s sales processes.

The Solution

In mid-2018, Vector turned to CodeMeter for a holistic system coupling CmActLicenses, bound with SmartBind® to the target devices for ease of use, and CmDongles for software with more stringent security and mobility needs. A key feature is the use of CmActLicenses, stored in and bound to Vector’s unique VNIs.

The system’s backbone for license creation, delivery, and management is CodeMeter License Central, fully integrated with Vector’s SAP system by Wibu-Systems’ dedicated partner, Informatics, an Austrian centre of excellence for SAP. Wibu-Systems and Informatics bring together many years of experience with SAP and CodeMeter to bear on their shared projects.

The Result

With CodeMeter integrated, Vector can manage its licenses centrally from the comfort of CodeMeter License Central dashboard, making for leaner support and sales processes. As the license and entitlement management system is cleverly connected with SAP, licenses can now be created and delivered immediately upon purchase of a product. Users can access, activate, and start enjoying their Vector software without any delay.

Peter Decker
Product Manager, Vector

“In our collaboration with Wibu-Systems and Informatics, we immediately saw that we are working with a premier team, equipped with just the SAP and CodeMeter know-how we needed. The experience they contributed allowed us to find effective and immediate solutions to our very specific requirements.”

The Company

Since 1988, Vector is a premier independent producer of software tools and embedded components for the development of electronic systems and their networking with many different systems from Controller Area Networks (CAN) to Automotive Ethernet. The solutions and products made by Vector pave the way for the future of mobility in the automotive, aerospace, transportation, and control engineering sectors, empowering engineers to master their highly complex work with unrivalled ease of use. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, Vector serves its customers with a workforce of 2,800 people from 26 locations worldwide.

A unified software licensing system for a heterogeneous market

@Vector Informatik GmbHThe world’s highways and byways are a crowded place, and only set to get more congested as the global population is growing and becoming more mobile. In their efforts to combat the complexity and physical and environmental harm brought on by this increase in traffic, car manufacturers, automotive suppliers, and researchers the world over are looking into new ways to give people access to cheaper, more efficient, and safer mobility. Every modern car already comes equipped with a whole battery of driver assistance systems. As veritable data gluttons, they are fed information from many different sources, ranging from regular cameras to radar and Lidar systems, and they process and share that data via different networking protocols. Automotive Ethernet brings the great bandwidth enjoyed in regular, stationary networks onto the road, but it is only one of many protocols. Engines and drive trains are managed by protocols chosen for their robustness, like FlexRay, CAN, and CAN FD. Less critical applications, like air conditioning systems, favor simpler systems like LIN.  

The controllers in charge of this vast and diverse ecosystem use standardized software architectures (like AUTOSAR) to realize different services, e.g. for in-car diagnostics or network management, and middleware like the service-centric SOME/IP. The complexity of the many architectures and protocols used in this area calls for an equally versatile range of tools to cover all possible requirements and development paradigms used by the many actors in the automotive industry. Vector is spearheading the progress in this field by developing software tools and embedded software for more efficient controllers, supporting the transition to truly connected cars with a holistic R&D approach, from developing individual functions to integrating software in embedded systems or testing and analyzing individual devices or complete systems.

@Vector Informatik GmbHDeveloping and selling such highly complex solutions for so many specific use cases means that the licensing system used to monetize Vector’s unique capabilities needs to be just as dynamic and versatile – the perfect challenge for Wibu-Systems and the CodeMeter licensing, protection, and security platform. It allows the users of Vector’s products to choose the license container that best fits their specific needs, be it a tough, but easy-to-use dongle or a software container on Vector’s own in-house solution, the Vector Network Interface (VNI) for simple access to licenses e.g. in a development taskforce. With the entire licensing system built around the CodeMeter backbone and seamlessly integrated into Vector’s established sales organization, it is easier than ever before for customers to buy licenses for new products or add licenses for additional features, like adding support for different network protocols to Vector’s popular simulation and testing tool CANoe. 

With the power of Wibu-Systems’ flagship technology at its side, Vector has the perfect tool to protect and shield its invaluable IP and to level up its offerings for its customers with new products and features and even more ease of use.