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Protection and Security for Facilities, Machines and Embedded Systems

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The world is changing. Smaller, connected computers are used more and more around all of us, even in our everyday lives. Building controls, CCTV cameras, automatic doors, traffic lights, smart meters, and even airliner avionics rely on embedded systems.

The devices need to be programmed, maintained, and increasingly supervised and controlled from the outside. This also opens new avenues for attack and intrusion that the former proprietary systems without network or USB access did not offer potential perpetrators.

The target of the attack could be any of the following:

  • Theft of the know-how of the plant (which would threaten the machine manufacturer)
  • Manipulation of the operating data (which would threaten the machine owner)
  • Sabotage (which would mainly threaten the machine owner)

The actors of the attack can be identified within these main categories:

  • Competitors
  • Disgruntled workers
  • Secret services

In this session we are going to analyze the threats and the available protection mechanisms that Wibu-Systems has developed specifically to meet the requirements of this market.

With CodeMeter we offer a set of tools for the security of facilities, machines and embedded systems, deeply integrated with numerous operating systems, featuring the strongest encryption mechanisms, and supporting international industrial standards.

The event will include a live demonstration of ExProtector, with its many IP and data protection functionalities. Additionally, we will explain how CodeMeter can be used to implement a secure boot mechanism to protect the integrity of the whole system.