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The bending and stretching capabilities of the license portal

The bending and stretching capabilities of the license portal
The bending and stretching capabilities of the license portal
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The license portal is your gateway to customers. Transparency, streamlined processes and minimal intervention are the superior advantages through which Wibu-Systems’ license portal increases your efficiency and minimizes your licensing costs. Operational immediacy and direct management via the license portal are key to higher customer satisfaction levels
The license portal is an extension of WebDepot. All critical features such as activation, deactivation and reactivation are available to your customers via the license portal. Additional features include the registration of users, the registration of tickets, the management of licenses and the creation of or the application for demo licenses.

The functionality of the license portal can also be tailored to your needs. You can determine which functions are directly under your control, and which features are directly available to users without your prior manual intervention.

All independently performed actions are logged in CodeMeter License Central and may only be used for the purposes you set.

Agenda of the day:

  • Basic principles of CodeMeter License Central
  • Key functions of WebDepot
    • Login with tickets
    • Activation, deactivation and reactivation of licenses
    • Offline and Online Activation
    • Selection of CmDongle or CmActLicense
  • Specific functions of the license portal
    • Registration of users
    • Registration and deregistration of tickets
    • Creation and application of demo licenses
    • Moving and splitting licenses
  • Branding customization
  • Multi-language support

This master class will allow you to take full advantage of your user portal. The license portal is available both as a modular system and as a stand-alone solution. It can be connected to an existing customer relationship management solution or integrated into an existing portal solution.

No need to tweak your needs and adjust them to the license portal; it’s the license portal that bends to your wishes.